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Pilgrimage Tour


You may have heard about the places and people but you will experience them with us. Be our companion to the holy and remarkable perfect journey in our Varanasi Itinerary for 4 days. We will let you capture the beautiful Varanasi and the Ghats.

It is supposed to be a holy place where people either visit to take their last breaths or to cleanse them from their sins. This place is said to be the residence of Lord Shiva and considered to be a holy place. Thousands of people come to Varanasi every year. Some international tourists visit Varanasi to see the rituals of the believers. People believe this pace to be one of the doors to heaven, where Lord Shiva shows them the path to “amaratva” or a life which is immortal.

There are many Ghats to visit and festivals to attend. At the meetings of the two holiest rivers, Ganga and Yamuna, you find Allahabad, another place of an attraction. The place where two rivers meet is called Sangam. A lot of people all over the world come to see this place and Indian come here often. The place is also known for the famous Kumbh Mela. This Mela is considered to be India’s biggest fete ever organized. You also get to see the famous Allahabad Fort which was built by the Mughal emperor Akbar. The sad part is that now Army has the full control on Allahabad Fort and only a small area is open to visitors.

Prodigious tour with the contented journey guide. Joining our team will let you see the wonders of Varanasi. You will enjoy this trip so much that your satisfactory level will only go high. Our Varanasi Itinerary for 4 days is going to be one of your best time out either with your own friends or you will make new friends on the way.

Day 01 – Varanasi: Hello to Varanasi

Quiet and peaceful, a mind always seeks that.

After your safe arrival at Varanasi Airport/Railway Station, Our representative will take you to the hotel and will help you with the check-in. You will be received by the staff of the hotel and will be served with a pleasant feast. Then you can go and around and visit the Ghats and take walks around, or you can go to Ganga Aarti at River Ganga. Help yourself to spent the first day and leave the rest on us. Later you can come back to the hotel and you will stay there overnight.

Day 02 – Varanasi: Sightseeing

Excursions and sightseeing always are fun

On the second day post an alluring breakfast, we will go for a sightseeing tour to Varanasi city, where we will see every place that Lord Shiva had been and to every spot of respect and faith. We will see people doing their rituals and Arties. Following the city tour, we will then go for an excursion to Sarnath. After that, we will go back to the hotel and stay there for the night to take rest. Let’s have the hearts full of magnificent tour with the best tourism team ever.

Day 03 – Allahabad: Sightseeing

Explore beyond the limits and capture them for life

On the 3rd day post an appealing breakfast, we will go for a drive to Allahabad which is also known as Prayag. We will visit the old Allahabad Fort and Triveni Sangam. Where you will witness the meeting of two holy rivers, Ganga and Yamuna. Following that, we will visit Anand Bhawan. After that, we will drive back to the hotel in Varanasi and stay in there for the night to take rest. Let’s have the hearts full of a magnificent tour with the best tourism team ever.

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